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Tian T
3 min readFeb 28, 2023


Dear Tigerfam & Monkeyfam,

After months of discussion between the TigerChi and SpaceMonkey teams, we are excited to announce the decision to merge the two projects into one under the name SpaceChi to bring more excitement to ONE communities.

Better together, is what we always believe, especially in this difficult market. Both projects have been on Algorand for more than one year and showed true dedication to the Algorand NFT community. We’ve made this decision based on a few shared goals between the two projects:

· To create synergies with a stronger & more diverse user base

· To position the new combined NFT project as a stronger candidate for Algorand NFT showcasing

· To streamline the available resources for better community management and brand nurturing

So what does the merge mean for both projects?

· Both projects and brands will remain active but managed in one discord server by one team.

· TigerChi community team will be covering both projects in terms of community engagement, marketing campaigns and promotions etc.

· SpaceMonkey team will be focusing on delivering in house NFT infrastructure development such as verification bot, Discord games and so on.

What does the merge mean to the holders?

· The holders’ rights and benefits will only get better. We aim to create ONE loving and organic community full of activities and engagement, and to empower our NFTs with more utilities.

· We will have two utility tokens for SpaceChi, with $CHI as the reward token and $Space as the tipping and game ecosystem token.

· For TigerChi holders, we will set up token swap on rafflebee for you to immediately start enjoying the brand new games we developed. (Asset opt in: 658708662 https://algoxnft.com/asset/658708662 )

· For SpaceMonkey holders, each holder will receive a welcome NFT from TigerChi to start receiving $CHI token drops. (Asset opt in: 864699877 https://algoxnft.com/asset/864699877)

· Both projects NFT holders will enjoy the raffles, giveaways and endless fun of community campaigns and events. Both projects’ characters will be implemented with our game plan this year.

Tian and Andi, as the project leaders for both projects, believe that the merge is a serious commitment and creates a tight bond for both projects. We are committed to better serving the community and remaining transparent and communicative as we always do. We also firmly believe that, our new community SpaceChi will be bigger and better!

What’s next?

1. We will start Discord server migration from SpaceMonkey to TigerChi in the next two weeks. You might see some ‘construction’ work going on in the TigerChi server and an announcement in the SpaceMonkey server on the migration.

2. All holders are required to re-verify their holdings by our new verify-bot, which will ease your game experience in the future.

3. A snapshot has been taken for SpaceMonkey holders and you will be put on a WL to claim (one per wallet) a football TigerChi NFT. Details will follow shortly.

4. Both projects’ weekly staking program will remain the same. Unlisted NFTs will continue receiving their respective tokens.

5. We will release our first in-house game shortly and organize fun event to engage our community.

What’s the roadmap like for 2023?

In 2023 and onwards, as SpaceChi, we will see a couple of potential game developments in the pipeline:

· Battle/racing game featuring SpaceMonkey & Wushu TigerChi

· Football game involving SpaceMonkey & Football TigerChi

· Web-based game involving SpaceMonkey & TigerChi v1

SpaceMonkey plans to release v2 as in-game characters, we will reveal more details when we are ready.

We would like to thank both project community members for your trust and engagement with us! 2023, let’s continue to rock and roll!

Tian & Andi

SpaceChi team



Tian T

Founder of 1circle, Chinese community on Algorand. Project lead for TigerChi NFT project