The Metaverse Lantern Festival Celebration will be full of surprises. Come along and join us!

Tian T
6 min readFeb 15, 2022

If there is one new concept that has attracted worldwide attention recently, it is the Metaverse. Whether you admit it or not, the Metaverse phenomenon is well and truly taking over on a grand scale. Some people joke that “anything can be place in the Metaverse”. Although this statement is difficult to prove, it cannot deny the fact that the Metaverse is getting very popular.

However, is it simply a fad or a leap in technology advancement? There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people’s eyes. Everyone has different opinions. So, at the Lantern Festival, we invite everyone to experience a Metaverse prototype. Don’t assume that what you are about to see is the whole concept of the Metaverse, maybe we can call the Metaverse in a nutshell? Things are still brewing and developing…

In a previous article, we already presented the activities of the Lantern Festival Celebration in the Metaverse prototype. If traditional singing and dancing performances don’t pique your interest, then let’s take a tour of the Metaverse full of state-of-the-art technology to discover the charm of this new concept.

The Metaverse’s “Fortune Forum” will be launched at the Lantern Festival

The Metaverse Fortune Forum will be launched as a major programme of the world’s first “Metaverse” lantern festival! This forum was initiated by Mr. Yuan Zuwen, President of the Australia-China Entrepreneurs Club, proposed by Dr. Gong Caichun, Editor-in-Chief of the Chinese Metaverse White Paper, and organised by Mr. Jiang Tai, President and CEO of FX168 Finance Group, Director of the Canadian Community Service Association (CCSA).

Indeed, the year 2021 is called Metaverse Year 1. The concept of Year 1 is not unfamiliar to us. The first year is usually a time when people have high expectations of new things and new technologies. The first year of the Metaverse seems to have taken on new dimensions.

In March 2021, Roblox, the “first Metaverse stock”, went public. In October, Facebook officially announced that it was being renamed “Meta”, and Zuckerberg embraced the Metaverse with great enthusiasm.

But everyone has different perceptions and expectations of the Metaverse, and there are also different views and debates. So, let’s hear the opinions of industry experts in the forum.

Will the Metaverse be the ultimate form of the next generation internet?

The International Metaverse Forum will shed light on the following issues: Which industries are covered by the infrastructure of the Metaverse ecosystem? What aspects of the Metaverse immersive experience are embodied? What breakthroughs have been made in AR/VR technology? And what bottlenecks have been encountered in the immersive experience?

Does the Metaverse+ really want to disrupt everything and connect the world?

This International Metaverse Forum will give you a full analysis of the phenomenon of companies from different sectors entering the Metaverse, and the short-term branding effects that this concept brings, but what long-term contributions can they make to the Metaverse? Could video games be the first window into Metaverse content? How is traditional finance compatible with DeFi and the Play to Earn model created by GameFi, in what areas can it be replicated?

Will the Metaverse economy become the edge and window of the digital economy?

The International Metaverse Forum will give you an objective interpretation of the new business models that will emerge when identity and assets are digitally redefined, how to understand the value of NFT? Is the Creator Economy better than the Platform Economy? Can the Metaverse, with decentralisation as its cornerstone, give rise to giant companies? And is much-touted virtual real estate the first bubble in the Metaverse?

In the decentralised world, new rules will eventually emerge. This International Metaverse Forum, whose main theme is “Metaverse: Subversion, Reshaping and Human Civilization on the Way to a Beautiful New World”, will focus in depth on topics touching the cold and the hot, the joys and the sorrows of the Metaverse.

This “Lovely Girl” robot will spice up the story, but who is she?

If you paid attention, at the Dragon TV Spring Festival Gala, CCTV Drama Spring Festival Gala and the opening ceremony program of the Winter Olympics in Shanghai North Bund, there was a special guest, the dancing robot, called “Little Ginger”. This robot, which perfectly combines technology and live performance art, gave the Chinese and foreign audience a dazzling show. This intelligent machine was entirely designed and developed by CloudMinds Ltd. It is the world’s first 5G cloud-based robot. Thanks to its performance, Ginger has become a web celebrity. As such, we will be honoured to have Ginger at this Metaverse event dancing beautifully and elegantly.

Want to meet Ginger in the Metaverse? Then come to the Photography gallery and the Fortune Forum, we’ll see you there.

Join us for an immersive experience of the wildlife

On the occasion of the Lantern Festival, we have invited The Wild Immersion, a French Virtual reality (VR) startup, to bring us an unprecedented animal documentary experience. Using state-of-the-art immersive virtual reality technology, the audience will be teleported into the wilderness kingdom and enjoy an unparalleled journey into nature. The project was created by French producer Adrien Moisson, who has a successful career in film, art, public relations campaigns, and the use of technology. Founded by Adrien Moisson and supported by world-renowned British zoologist Jane Goodall, the project with the aim of raising environmental awareness was presented at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival and attracted worldwide attention. For this showcase, we will be offering an immersive 360-degree VR experience in the main hall. Swim in the water with the big turtles, hunt with the polar bears or would you like to gallop through the African savannah and see the African lions up close? Join us for a spectacular and entertaining show of immersive visuals in the spirit of National Geographic.

Featuring three distinct and unique performance rooms, with mysterious guest animals to accompany you on your journey.

If the natural life exhibition in the main hall has left you wanting more, you are also invited to join us for a walk through the three dedicated rooms to see what kind of animal guests await us? In the gallery’s pools, you’ll see whales swimming nearby, and you’ll spot turtles and sharks as if you were in Pi’s Odyssey (Life of Pi). Don’t be frightened by the tiger that jumps out at you as you walk through the cellar — it will be our main character this year, a symbol of bravery, perseverance, and positivity. By the way, what is that noise above the photo exhibition? A flock of seagulls will give us the impression of being on the beach. Imagine being in the big blue sea and feeling the sea breeze hitting us and the fresh smell of the water.

If these sound something to you, then you should join us.

By the way, don’t forget my photography exhibition:)

Download the app here: or from Mobile APP Store search xSpaces.

See you there!



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