TigerChi in the know — A letter to TigerChi Community

Tian T
3 min readSep 11, 2022


Dear TigerChi Holders,

A couple of weeks ago, we had our first Polynize game which focused on getting ideas and input on growing our community. We were excited to see so many brilliant suggestions. We hear the roar of our TigerChiClub family. Your enthusiasm is what continues to make our community great.

We have gone through all the valid Polys and performed a feasibility study. Now we are happy to share some of our future plans with you. The roadmap will be updated accordingly. You all did an excellent job and it is time for us to implement these ideas. Like we always say, we want to have you here shaping our future together.

Here are some of our recent plans. (There are additional ideas that need more resources and research. These will be revealed when the time is right.)

  1. Utility Token

This idea was developed by @Pistol_Moonshot and received the highest consensus. We will issue our utility token soon. Our tokens will be used to enter raffles, tip members in Discord, exchange for special drops/collaboration WL or even used in auctions.

We are also working on various ways for you to collect tokens besides a weekly staking drop. More details will be revealed shortly.

2. Cross-chain

Many mentioned cross-chain collaboration or issuing our NFTs cross-chain for max exposure. We also believe the future of the web3 community is cross-chain. TigerChi will be based in Algorand, and expansion externally is key.

We are teaming up with Grouchy Tiger Social Club (https://discord.gg/zf9gFfMAMd) from Ethereum for an AMA this coming Friday. (This already happened in the past Friday). We’ll also join their cross-chain Poker night in the future. It is important to work with like-minded projects to find mutual benefits for both our communities.

3. FreeMint

This is another great idea by @apt2674 that was near the top of the Poly list. FreeMint can be super helpful for occasions like student events we support on Algorand. TigerChiClub released another small collection— Apprentice TigerChi, which will be a special mini-collection for newcomers or any collaboration events. We will also give FreeMint holders some benefits and encourage them to upgrade to our normal collections. Thanks to the great idea from @BurntBiscuits

4. In Ecosystem Collaboration

This is something important to us and we will continue to work with the Algorand community. We have 3 gaming project collaborations coming up soon. Stay tuned for more details.

5. Special Themed Collections

This is also something we want to continue doing. A current example is the World Cup. It is important to coordinate with current events. We are working with our artist to try out different ideas. As @Algojunkie mentioned in Polynize, we need to keep the art creative and refreshing. We are also speaking to our partner projects for more collaboration and fun ideas. Our holders will be able to exchange their new utility tokens for these collab NFTs.

We will continue to support Algorand Ecosystem growth in general by working with our Defi partners, having campaigns with NFT projects as well as supporting Algorand Foundation for large scale events. We are proud of being a great supporter at both the community level and business level.

TigerChiClub will also work with charities for social good. We had a wonderful Wushu week in August with 8 projects getting involved and raised roughly 3300Algo (~ $1000) for Cancer Support Community.

We have every reason to believe that if we execute the above points, TigerChi will be positioned for a nice take off when the market improves. This will also help us become a strong community that continues to grow. We appreciate that you joined our family and will continue to grow with us. We are on this rewarding journey together — and together, we can go far!

TigerChi Team



Tian T

Founder of 1circle, Chinese community on Algorand. Project lead for TigerChi NFT project