TigerChi in the know — April Newsletter

Tian T
9 min readMay 7, 2022

Article by Weibaobao, Ryan and edited by Tian

Hello TigerFam!

We are back with another episode of your monthly TigerChi in the know!

A lot has happened this month not only for TigerChi, but for the whole Algorand ecosystem and we are very excited to share our journey with you!

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What a month! April is supposed to be a beautiful month, a Chinese poet once wrote to his lover — You are the love, the warmth, and the hope. You are the April of the world. People have a lot of good wishes for April as the beginning of Spring. For us we feel the same, a beautiful April day for us to remember is Earth Day, 2022


The Algorand Foundation, xSpaces, and TigerChi came together to bring you “Earth Day in a Green Metaverse”. This marked the first global community-driven metaverse event to honor environmental protection and sustainable development on Algorand.

We will have a seperate article detailing the event, here are some key points:

  • Our TigerChi Kingdom was customised to suit the theme and used as the venue for Earth day event
  • The venue was designed by 4 of our community members led by Dany and 3 other designers joined the team. Tian worked as the project manager coordinating all the efforts. It was not an easy task as we are totally decentralized with time differences. We made it beautifully in the end. Proud to say that this is a great demonstration of what a community can do! We TigerChi community are crashing it!
  • 12 guest speakers from inside and outside ecosystem were invited. All of them gave great speeches and they all echoed Algorand’s philosophy of sustainability .
  • 11 Impact NFTs were invited and they all contributed two special designs for Earth day, making the event a very special one, xSpaces is in process of having 11 giveaways from these amazing projects. Good luck to our readers!
  • 2 special live sessions were held with Borderless and Envision racing, both leaders were very impressed with the smooth user experience. Videos can be found here.


  • Partnership with Folks Finance

This month, we partnered with our friends at Folks Finance to go with their Mainnet launch. Folks Finance is the leading capital markets protocol for borrowing and lending and is currently live on the Mainnet so be sure to check them out.

On April 10th, we created unique and cool NFTs for the Folks Finance community in order to celebrate their liquid governance going live. These NFTs were distributed through an auction and twitter giveaways.

Folks Finance’s CEO, Benedetto (@BenedettoBio) could not resist our lovely design, he fought to the end and won an auction for TigerChi Special #018, using it immediately as his twitter profile picture!! We are thrilled to see such support between our communities!

【 Development】

Now, onto the behind the scenes of TigerChi-

· Ecosystem overview updated again!

You wont believe this, in a mere of one month, we have had 40+ projects added onto the ecosystem overview. We were thrilled by the FIFA partnership news and couldn’t wait till next update to add it on! Here comes the chart!

  • A shiny twitter banner was made for Algofam

We created a twitter banner for all to use showcasing all the various projects in the Algorand ecosystem.We posted it onto Twitter to show the public how fast the Algorand ecosystem is growing. This amazing banner is being used by lots of Algofam, especially the CEO of Algorand Foundation, Staci Warden (@StaciW_DC), and others Twitter influencers, such as Michael Jordan (@AlgoFamily), Daren.Algo (@Bmorecmore), Kevin (@Algorandfacts) and many others.

  • TigerChi teamed up with Algorand Foundation for blockchain student event

TigerChi designed badges and NFTs to support Algorand Foundation’s “No Forks, No Problems: Student Club Happy Hour” event on 20th April. A special badge design and 300 branded special edition NFTs were minted for the event. These NFTs give you a sense of youthful energy, making you excited to learn more!

  • TigerChi Gallery Opening

On March 18th our TigerChi Gallery was opened to the public. This gallery features some of our earliest NFTs and beautiful photos from our very own @ttiiaann. This space also served as a sneak peek for the following Earth Day metaverse event.

【Progress report】

There has been great progress behind the scenes to bring you our TigerChi v2. Where is TigerFam exploring Next?

  • Setting records as TigerChi shuffles approach the end!

On April 28th, the TigerFam set a new record by selling 50 tigers in only 87 seconds! That’s lightning fast!

We are now down to our last one taking place in May. These will be your last chance to collect tigers at mint prices and you’re not going to want to miss them! Shuffles are held every Thursday at 6pm BST

  • Working on v2

A lot has been going on to bring you the next instalment of our TigerChi Kingdom. Without giving away too much, our designer Yangyang and the team are working hard to finalise our TigerChi v2.

V2 is a NFT evolution game. All tigers at the same level are born equal, you will work out your own way up to the next level via community engagement. Visually, these tigers have been said to be very dynamic while showcasing a unique part of Chinese culture.

As a reminder, by owning Two TigerChis, you will be eligible to get one Tiger warrior in the initial TigerChi v2 distribution.

  • Progress of collaboration with Tigers4Ever

After several email discussions based on the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), Tiger4Ever and TigerChi have now signed in a formal partnership agreement. We are very excited to take on future endeavours together and will announce more official news to the public in May.


  • TigerChi Kingdom

In a first of its kind event, Algorand collaborated with TigerChi to bring you Earth Day in a Green Metaverse. The metaverse space was specifically created for our TigerChi Kingdom and was customised for the Earth Day event with the Algorand Foundation. We have to give a huge shoutout and thank you to our TigerChi team for the venue design led by Dany along with three other awesome team members. If you haven’t already noticed, both the canopy and entrance of the venue are in the shape of a Tiger head! Haotian from Tsinghua University designed the middle yard, showing the floating globe and an Earth themed circled square for the courtyard. Otto and Dabao helped remodel the venue as we ran into some software compatibility issues.


  • Number of 5 Tiger LuckyStar just doubled this month!!

We now have 24 members of the TigerFam who possess tigers of 5 different colors (orange, pink, grey, slate, white) and become Lucky Stars. They are accel, Algo_Learner, Algojulez, Bjenk, Cottoncandy, ewokabacca, Johnny California, Kapper, LRoc, moh, Naffy.Ni, ooo MooN ooo, Pistol_Moonshot, rob.algo, ryanmcdonaldusa, Steve, thᕫcminhmy, TooSense, Weibaobao, WrinklyCat, Bjenk, Gurj, jchambo7, Bull Bullicheck.

These special members gain access to an exclusive discord channel where they can help grow the project. Some exclusive privileges will be given to these special members in the upcoming months. More details will be released soon.

  • heisgero

Heisgero was recently promoted to be our community ambassador. He shared insightful thoughts about TigerChi and other popular NFT projects on Twitter. He also delivered a great content series about TigerChi on his twitter. Be sure to follow him on twitter @heisgero. Due to his efforts, he won rewards from the pact.fi, Folks Finance $gAlgo bounty program. TigerChi is proud of him.


1circle has published several YouTube videos related to Algorand G3 governance in English and Chinese versions, they are:

  1. How to become a governor of Algorand in G3
  2. How to use Algofi governance vault in G3
  3. How to use Folks Finance to biome a governor of Algorand in G3

Also we have published the videos related step by step to use Pera Algo wallet and deftly mobile wallet.

【Member in the spotlight】

  • Jojo (@NikkileeneeJojo)

1circle discord has launched A Daily Newsletter channel for a few months, Jojo integrates the news provided by teammates, and then publishes it to 1circle’s Discord. She keeps doing this every day, and never misses a day.

We always consider our existing TigerChi fam ahead, and would like them to have a nice and smooth experience with us in Discord, therefore Jojo led others teammates to create a Beginner Guide listed in the new channel.

Thank you for her hard work and efforts.

  • Tian(@ttiiaann)

Algorand Foundation successfully organized its first 2022 Earth Day-themed event in Metaverse hosted by xSpaces platform. This success is inseparable from her hard work. She acted as the project manager coordinating all bits and pieces. She has been very thoughtful in every aspect from big to small when she worked with Summer Miao from Algorand Foundation. During the Easter holidays, she took her work on vacation, which shows that she is very dedicated to the things she loves.

Thanks for the time and energy she puts in, she is always leading the team forward in a bright future.

  • Dany (@accel_arc)

Let’s stand up! We need to applaud and thank Dany, the designer of our TigerChi Kingdom. His design was inspired by ancient legends. Legends says the Kingdom was built thousands years ago morphed from a natural crystal forming a large tiger-shaped canopy. Under the canopy, TigerChi community creates a space for gathering forms like blooming Lotus Flowers.

The design celebrates the peacefulness of water. The design makes us feel harmony and peace. This design focuses on the characteristics and experience of the place by recreating iconic traditional garden scenes in a pure and minimalistic manner. That is why we received lots of positive feedback and praises from Algorand Foundation, organisers, invited guests and all the participants.

  • Pistol_Pete_Mack


We’re pleased to announce the promotion of Pistol as our new TigerChi Community Manager. Pistol has been a firm supporter from the very beginning and has been engaging with our community whenever he could. We appreciate his dedication to making our community a better place and we would like him to continue to help drive the growth of our community! Please join me to congratulate Pistol on his new role.

【A little birdie told me】

TigerChi is in chat with 2 games to provide exclusive rights to our TigerChi holders

TigerChi is having a game night with another NFT project in May, the reward includes 200A and 1 TigerChi + 1 partner NFT!

TigerChi is also supporting 2 big events coming up soon, keep an eye on social media and you won’t miss them!



Tian T

Founder of 1circle, Chinese community on Algorand. Project lead for TigerChi NFT project