TigerChi in the know — April Newsletter

  • Our TigerChi Kingdom was customised to suit the theme and used as the venue for Earth day event
  • The venue was designed by 4 of our community members led by Dany and 3 other designers joined the team. Tian worked as the project manager coordinating all the efforts. It was not an easy task as we are totally decentralized with time differences. We made it beautifully in the end. Proud to say that this is a great demonstration of what a community can do! We TigerChi community are crashing it!
  • 12 guest speakers from inside and outside ecosystem were invited. All of them gave great speeches and they all echoed Algorand’s philosophy of sustainability .
  • 11 Impact NFTs were invited and they all contributed two special designs for Earth day, making the event a very special one, xSpaces is in process of having 11 giveaways from these amazing projects. Good luck to our readers!
  • 2 special live sessions were held with Borderless and Envision racing, both leaders were very impressed with the smooth user experience. Videos can be found here.
  • Partnership with Folks Finance
  • A shiny twitter banner was made for Algofam
  • TigerChi teamed up with Algorand Foundation for blockchain student event
  • TigerChi Gallery Opening

【Progress report】

  • Setting records as TigerChi shuffles approach the end!
  • Working on v2
  • Progress of collaboration with Tigers4Ever
  • TigerChi Kingdom


  • Number of 5 Tiger LuckyStar just doubled this month!!
  • heisgero


  1. How to become a governor of Algorand in G3
  2. How to use Algofi governance vault in G3
  3. How to use Folks Finance to biome a governor of Algorand in G3

【Member in the spotlight】

  • Jojo (@NikkileeneeJojo)
  • Tian(@ttiiaann)
  • Dany (@accel_arc)
  • Pistol_Pete_Mack




Founder of 1circle, an inspiring Chinese community on Algorand.

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Tian T

Tian T

Founder of 1circle, an inspiring Chinese community on Algorand.

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