TigerChi in the know — June Newsletter

Tian T
7 min readJul 3, 2022

The first half of 2022 has come to an end. This is a period of time that marked the ups of our projects and downs of the market…definitely a complicated feeling any web3 builder can have, however, nothing is going to stop us from building. We are in the game for a long run, so any short term pain is just a lesson to learn, a test of conviction and later a huge leap to take.

Let’s take a look at what we have done in June.


Algorand, A Planet We Call Home

We proudly presented another NFT metaverse exhibition (our 3rd one already!) with xSpaces in celebration of Algorand’s 3-year mainnet anniversary. Huge thanks to Dabao from RandomPlayerLab (@RandomPlayerLab), an award-winning spatial designer, who built this amazing space. The exhibition presents newly-launched and soon to be launched projects, including a few that have come long ways from the Terra blockchain to settle on AlgoPlanet, such as PoppinPuffin, GalacticAstros and Spacetrip. You can find Algorand native projects like ourselves, Heepow and Folksy Guys there too.

The design was inspired by an ancient Chinese saying “the sky is round and the earth square” (Tian Yuan Di Fang 天圆地方), which presents a miniature universe celestial landscape. A globe was built in the middle hall of the building surrounded by our top 20 NFT projects and most active and influential community members according to hive.one, a NFT analytics website.

The exhibition is open to the public! Grab your avatars and you will have a chance to sneak peak the projects you like, also including our V2 — Wushu TigerChi.

Visit: www.xspaces.io/app-download to download the APP on your PC or mobile.

If you have no time to visit, no worries, we made a beautiful video for you to feel the vibe.

Visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02qz5XEBGHQ

Algorand Foundation Community All-hands

We were very honoured to be invited to join this month’s community all hands as the rising star projects along with a few others. Our leader Tian joined the panel and discussed current and future thoughts on NFTs. It was a great opportunity for us to engage with other amazing projects and keep updated on what’s going on with the Algorand ecosystem.

Replay link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtGDJ_U0V_A

TigerChi on Youtube channel Passive Income Network

Tian has been busy this month! She was also invited to join Sea Will Youtube channel, the Passive Income Network. Make sure to subscribe to his channel!

This was Tian’s first time being featured on Youtube. She got to tell people what TigerChi and the 1circle Chinese community have been up to and our future plans. It was a very engaging session with SeaWill, and we hope our holders and members can take this opportunity to get to know us a bit more! Please visit the link below for accessing the program:



A video for celebration Algorand 3 year on Mainnet anniversary

To attract more people to join the Algorand community and to be part of the amazing journey to web3, We, TigerChi gathered community members to create our 1st community video for Algorand. Huge thanks to @SimonAlexanderO, @HelloYYue, @PistolMack, @Ryan_tom8, @OligboJ, @MoonvsWolf_, @weibaobao2030, @heisgero, @f_moraschi, @KevinDominicV, @TheActualMisa, @PalliManuel, @khutegod, @BenedettoBio, @AlgoFamily. They did an amazing job! Thank you everyone for helping out!

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eLsQN-010j4

Our lovely tigresses dance for you!

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass… It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

Three positive and pretty girls from our community wore our TigerChi T-shirts to dance for celebration of Algorand’s 3 Year Mainnet Anniversary!

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6NUcwLOtQo

【Progress report】

Briefing of V2 Wushu TigerChi

We will be bringing you a collection of 1500 uniquely minted NFTs to introduce Chinese Martial Arts on Algorand. TigerChi V2 will be all about community engagement and participation. Keep up with our twitter and discord to find out how you can join the fun!

Five factions of Chinese Martial Arts have been introduced in Twitter and Discord

Shaolin: One of the oldest, largest, and most famous styles of Wushu in Chinese history. It combines Zen philosophy and martial arts and originated in the Shaolin temple in Henan province.

Wudang: A martial art originating from the Wudang Mountain in the central part of China. Wudang and Shaolin are the two most famous styles of Chinese martial arts.

Emei: Emei wushu originated from Mount Emei in Sichuan Province, one of the major “Martial Mountains”. It is known for its swiftness and flexibility. Folklore and literary fiction associates it with women, but now it is widely practised by both men and women.

Huashan: The Mount Hua faction, also known as the Huashan, is a fictional martial arts faction mentioned in several martial arts novels.

Wudu: A special faction in Chinese Martial Art folklore. First seen in the ancient folklores of central China, it translates to “Five Poisons”. It refers to the five deadly animals: centipedes, venomous snakes, scorpions, geckos, and toads.

Our new highest sale record 2222A

We keep breaking the sales record!! Tigerchi #875 was sold for a record high of 2222A on June 29th. This cool Tiger has the slate fur colour, featuring a cyber jacket and red VR headset. It seems to really enjoy its metaverse experience!

TigerChi special #330 was selected as 1 of 3 unique NFTs at consensus2022

We awarded our special edition Tigerchi along with two unique NFTs to the Algoranch party Pingpong Tournament Winners, held at Consensus 2022. We think our ping pong tigers are super eye-catching.


Partnership with Galactic Astros (@GalacticAstros)

We worked with Galactic Astros to offer 10 Whitelist spots for their NFT project migrating to Algorand. The giveaway took place on twitter so make sure you’re following both projects so you don’t miss the next one!


Second Donate £261.45 to Tigers4Ever (@Tigers4Ever2010)

We made a 2nd donation to our charity partner, Tigers4Ever. This donation will help them to provide Education packs to fifty children living in regions with wild tigers. There they teach them how to protect their forest home.


TigerChi and 1circle published Algorand Ecosystem Landscape V5, Algorand ecosystem made great leaps forward in recent months. We are excited to see the Algorand ecosystem empower all participants with access to information and value by collaborating with each other. Thanks for the extra time and effort @AlgorandFacts, @hmjlondon @ttiiaann @weibaobao2030 put into this impressive Algorand Ecosystem Landscape, what great team work! We also appreciate the Algofam for sending their feedback and suggestions to us.

Link: https://twitter.com/Algo1circle/status/1542541915500986369?s=20&t=qo6m6sQRD9psCjv_kuoClQ


Number of 32 Tiger LuckyStar will receive their V2 grandmaster soon!

We now have 32 Lucky Stars of the TigerFam who possess tigers of 5 different fur colors (orange, pink, grey, slate, white). They are accel, Algo_Learner, Algojulez, Bjenk, Cottoncandy, ewokabacca, Johnny California, Kapper, LRoc, moh, ooo MooN ooo, Pistol_Moonshot, rob.algo, ryanmcdonaldusa, Steve, thᕫcminhmy, TooSense, Weibaobao, WrinklyCat, Bjenk, Gurj, jchambo7, Bull Bullicheck, Matthew, AlgoCHAMP Kev, CryptoPav, Algojunkie, Kydaragmi, Kzulu, drunkmonk, moomieg .

These special members gain access to an exclusive discord channel where they can help grow the project. They can use their tigers (5 different fur colors: orange, pink, grey, slate, white) to claim 1 Grandmaster plus 1 warrior for V2 Wushu TigerChi. For more details check the roadmap in TigerChi discord, link: https://discord.gg/XFPtfhHQeD

【Member in the spotlight】

Weibaobao (@weibaobao2030) and HMJ (@hmjlondon) have conquered the top of the three highest peaks in England, Scotland and Wales within 24 hours. Weibaobao has also raised more than £1000 for UK Chinese Women Connect Association (Charity Registration №1193654, twitter: @UKChineseWomen).

Just giving page: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/yan-wei

【A little birdie told me】

We are actively working with other amazing NFT projects on more collaborations, more details later

We are working on a Wushu intro video, hopefully you will see it soon

The gaming platform collaboration discussion is still on-going, hope we could finalize some details and share with you shortly!

Written by Weibaobao & Tian

Edited by Ryan T



Tian T

Founder of 1circle, Chinese community on Algorand. Project lead for TigerChi NFT project