TigerChi In The Know — March Newsletter

Partnership with AlgoDAO

We’ve got Lemur brothers from BlockBeam

【 Milestones】

  • We are listed on Algorand portal and got selected as Projects to watch!
  • We got listed on Asalytic
  • TigerChi Gallery on xSpaces is ready
  • Tigerchi breaks the shuffle record to complete with all transaction finality within 94 seconds
  • Working on v2 TigerChi with a theme of Chinese Martial Art
  • Meeting with Tigers4ever to establish a charity partnership, a proposed Memorandum of Understanding is in discussion.
  • Our TigerChi Kingdom in Metaverse is being designed by Dany from our community


  • Frank Yu joined TigerChi NFT project as a senior advisor
  • We have 10 TigerChi fam possess tigers of 5 different colors (orange, pink, grey, slate, white). We call it 5TigerLuckyStar!


  • 1circle helped establish the partnership between Peking University and Algorand
  • 1circle and TigerChi co-published Algorand Ecosystem Overview chart and video

【Member in the spotlight】

【A little birdie told me】

  • TigerChi is supporting a big event by supplying 300 branded special edition TigerChi to a mysterious partner ^^
  • TigerChi and a few ecosystem partners are brewing a big community event in Metaverse in April.




Founder of 1circle, an inspiring Chinese community on Algorand.

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Tian T

Tian T

Founder of 1circle, an inspiring Chinese community on Algorand.

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