TigerChi in the know — May Newsletter


  • Let’s talk about Metaverse in the Metaverse
  • When Defi Meets Carbon Offset
  • An interactive book launch experience in Metaverse

【 Partnership】

  • Partnership with Tigers4Ever (@Tigers4Ever2010)
  • NFT Utility? TigerChi and NFTx have got you covered!
  • Welcoming Poppin Puffins in their migration from Terra to Algorand. A collaboration with Poppin Puffins and AlgoDao

【Holder Exclusive】

  1. We have had the privilege to work with Poppin Puffins to offer our community five whitelist spots for minting their NFTs at HALF PRICE!

【 Development】

  • Making the naming consistent on NFTx for easier search. You can now search ‘tiger’ or ‘tigerchi’ to access both of our collections, not case sensitive search.
  • We disabled the rarity on our special collection tigers to avoid confusion with our new users.
  • We set the default order of both collections alphabetically for easier viewing. You can still change the display order to other styles as you wish.
  • Set the display to only 1/1 NFT floor price on the Special collection on NFTx.

【Progress report】



【Member in the spotlight】

  • Hua Mu Jiang (@hmjlondon)

【A little birdie told me】

  • We will organise another big event in our Tigerchi Kingdom in Metaverse with a few partner NFT projects
  • We are also working with a donation platform to open up more fundraising opportunities for Tigers4ever
  • We are actively working with Gaming project partners to offer more holder exclusive benefits
  • We are onboarding a DAO of a Top Chinese university to Algorand, and the DAO’s network and influence will bring us more developers and young pioneers
  • If you are going to Consensus 2022 in June, make sure you check out the AlgoRanch party, we have some nice swag for you to grab!;)




Founder of 1circle, an inspiring Chinese community on Algorand.

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Tian T

Tian T

Founder of 1circle, an inspiring Chinese community on Algorand.

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