TigerChi in the know — May Newsletter

Tian T
12 min readMay 30, 2022

Newsletter written by Weibaobao & Tian

Edited by Ryan & Kevin

Hey Tigerfam,

Welcome to our May newsletter. Every month, lots of things are happening in the community and are giving us a great sense of accomplishment!

We enjoy our community life very much, and we hope you feel the same. We are very pleased to present to you what we have done so far in May.

May was an unforgettable month for crypto world, the market was extremely volatile and the collapse of Terra/Luna dragged the sentiment down to the lowest point. For us, we definitely felt the pain of a bear market, but we just wish to keep building and delivering no matter what. And probably we were noticed as a project of long term potential, our floor price was actually on the rise and we made a few records this month (surprisingly ❤).

So let’s dive in to see what has been going on with TigerChi.


Metaverse events

  • Let’s talk about Metaverse in the Metaverse

We have all heard about the Metaverse, it’s probably the hottest word right now after web3.0. We have all talked about the Metaverse, whether it’s VR, AR, or gaming. So.. What does the Metaverse mean to our lives and the way we do business?

A Metaverse event took place on May 13th presented by TigerChi on the xSpaces platform. Hosted by Coop Daniels (@Coop_Daniels) and supported by Algorand Foundation, there were four esteemed guest speakers attending from different fields. The event was held in the TigerChi Kingdom and included the following speakers:

Frank YU (@frankyu), Metaverse/Gaming Expert, Start-ups Advisor

Chris Swenor (@chrisswenor), CEO, Reach Platform, Harvard Business School Mentor

Brian Seong (@JinwooSeong), President of Tsinghua Blockchain Association, Head of Education at EduDAO

Manuel Palli (@PalliManuel), COO of Indelve studios

They talked about digital assets, gaming, Algorand ecosystem and of course Metaverse. The whole talk was very engaging and insightful.

To those who missed the live talk, we have published the recording on 1circle YouTube channel at the link here:

  • When Defi Meets Carbon Offset

On May 27th, we had a wonderful conversation with Francisco and Benedetto, also held in the TigerChi Kingdom on xSpaces. Francisco, the CEO of ClimateTrade, shared with us their respective future plans like ClimateDao and Climatecoin. Benedetto, the CEO of Folks Finance shared with us how to steer through a bear market. Both CEOs are very personable and we all enjoyed the talk very much. Again, huge thanks to Cooper Daniels who has been fantastic in hosting events with us. We published the video here:

  • An interactive book launch experience in Metaverse

For the first time, we worked with a special guest for a non-crypto related event, Simon Alexander Ong. Simon is a life coach and keynote speaker from London, who launched his new book “Energize” in the Metaverse on xSpaces. The event was very engaging and it was touching to see Simon’s audience come from all over the world, most of whom made an effort to learn about Metaverse and how to use it. TigerChi provided his audience with a special edition NFT in memory of this one of a kind event, hoping to onboard more users with NFT /Crypto journey. For us, we see NFTs as a form to bring all kinds of people closer.

All events are highly commended by the participants, which greatly motivates us to bring more to the community in the future.

See all the positive vibes on Social Media!

【 Partnership】

  • Partnership with Tigers4Ever (@Tigers4Ever2010)

On May 12th, we were excited to announce our partnership with Tigers4Ever. We will work together to raise awareness of tiger conservation and give wild tigers a wild future. We will also help Tigers4Ever explore new ways of fundraising by leveraging the Algorand blockchain.

We sent off our first payment to the charity on the same day as the partnership. Donating 5000A together and the first 2500A already converted to GBP. We will make a monthly payment for the next 6 months and sell the remaining for on-going donation. You can see the certificate of recognition attached.

Everybody who wants to save endangered animals from extinction, especially wild tigers, are welcome to follow Tigers4Ever and help save more wildlife. Find out why TigerChi chose Tigers4Ever as a partner, all the details included in the newsletter here.

  • NFT Utility? TigerChi and NFTx have got you covered!

How exciting! Good news one by one.

On May 20th, we were very pleased to announce that we are collaborating with NFTexplorer (@nftexplorerapp). Through this collaboration with NFTexplorer, our TigerChi holders will receive a free one-month (from June 1st to June 30th) ‘Holder insight analytics’ service on NFTexplorer.

Holder analytics present the holders how their NFTs are distributed and the average holding per wallet. It is also very useful to see the list of wallets and their contents in a straightforward way.

For more details, please visit our medium article here

  • Welcoming Poppin Puffins in their migration from Terra to Algorand. A collaboration with Poppin Puffins and AlgoDao

PoppinPuffins(@PoppinPuffins) needed a home after losing their old one on Terra and we are happy that they have joined Algorand. The Poppin Puffins have brought amazing art and community to the Algorand Ecosystem. Together with AlgoDao, we provided a special NFT to Poppin Puffins for a Giveaway event and to gain awareness for all projects involved.

【Holder Exclusive】

  1. We have had the privilege to work with Poppin Puffins to offer our community five whitelist spots for minting their NFTs at HALF PRICE!

2. Participating Algoverse Poker Tour 1 by MetȺPunks

On May 29th we were excited to join MetȺPunks (@MetaPunksOG) along with Poppins Puffins for a poker night! This is the first Algofan Poker Champ launched on Algorand. We give big congratulations to MKush (@Mkush666) for competing hard and winning 1st place.

We aim to provide more holder exclusive benefits in the near future. Stay tuned!

3. Holder exclusive access to the book launch event in Metaverse and we gave the book ‘Energize’ to those who participated in Simon’s book launch.

We distributed the special NFT to our holders and also gave each of the participant the book to read, enjoy the reading!

【 Development】

Now, onto the behind the scenes of TigerChi

Algorand Ecosystem Overview was printed and presented at Blockchain Expo Tokyo

Algorand Foundation Japan brought Algorand Ecosystem Overview to Blockchain Expo Tokyo on 11th May. We are very proud of our efforts to have been recognized by Algofam from all over the world.

TigerChi hit third place of top collections over the last 7 days on NFTExplorer

This record is very encouraging to the TigerChi team and also the TigerChi family. Looking at our stats, the liquidity for the projects ranks among the very best. Second, more and more users are joining the TigerFam every month and our active accounts just keep on growing.

Rand gallery and NFTx display improved

We heard from the community that the NFT display on Rand galley was a bit confusing by listing both the original TigerChi collection and special tiger collection together. We immediately reflected this to Rand Gallery and received prompt support to update the display. Huge thanks to Rand Gallery for the support.

We also made a few updates on NFTx display to improve user experience, these include:

  • Making the naming consistent on NFTx for easier search. You can now search ‘tiger’ or ‘tigerchi’ to access both of our collections, not case sensitive search.
  • We disabled the rarity on our special collection tigers to avoid confusion with our new users.
  • We set the default order of both collections alphabetically for easier viewing. You can still change the display order to other styles as you wish.
  • Set the display to only 1/1 NFT floor price on the Special collection on NFTx.

We recommend using the following link for quick access to both collections:

TigerChi Original: https://www.nftexplorer.app/collection/tiger-chi

TigerChi Special: https://www.nftexplorer.app/collection/tigerchi-special

We are trying our best to make our user experience as smooth as possible, and will improve whenever it is within our control. If you have any other constructive advice, feel free to get in touch.

Hooray, an interview of TigerChi featured in Algorand Medium!

On May 28th, TigerChi Project Leader Tian and our artist Yangyang were honoured to be invited by Algorand for an interview. The content of the interview was published as an Algorand Medium article! We are very happy to be recognized by Algorand and Algofam, also we are so grateful to have such a united team and loyal TigerChi fam behind the project.

The interview article link:


This article was synchronised on Coinbase and can be seen as featured article!

Supporting AlgoDach community

We have designed TigerChi NFTs to support the AlgoDach community with their offline meetup in Berlin. AlgoDach is the official Algorand Hub for the Germany, Austria, and Switzerland(DACH) region.

【Progress report】

There has been great progress behind the scenes to bring you our TigerChi v2. Where is TigerFam exploring Next?

TigerChi has been invited to support the Algorand Party at Consensus 2022

Consensus is the big tent event of the crypto/blockchain/Web3 world. This event will bring developers, entrepreneurs, investors and industry insiders together to meet and collaborate. The event will highlight the Algorand Virtual Machine (AVM) and key, high value technical projects launching on Algorand. The AlgoRanch party will take place after the AVM presentation and we are invited as a main supporter. Our special edition NFTs will be given as rewards for the table tennis tournament during the party. C’mon fam, show us who is the king of Pingpong!

Sign up the event: The AlgoRanch Party @ Consensus 2022

TigerChi fam amazingly broke the record at the last shuffle!

The TigerFam set a new record by selling 35 tigers in only 50 seconds! That’s unbelievable! This is the last shuffle for the original 888 TigerChi NFT collection.

We hit the record sale on 11th may

A notable day for the TigerFam, TigerChi #869 was sold for a record high of 800 Algos. This awesome Tiger has the rare grey fur colour and features a futuristic space helmet and armour. A really Great trade!

Working on v2

TigerChi V1 has a happy ending this month, and our new journey is about to start!

In Tiger Chi v2, there will be 3 levels of Wushu players, Warrior, Master and Grandmaster. At the warrior level, all tigers are born equal and YOU will be the person to drive the tiger’s rarity up. This will be done through community engagement and various events to be announced. We are confident that our TigeFam will love the new set and what is to come. We are very excited to bring you this next stage due to our new art and engagement and some surprising bits we wish to reveal soon.;)

As a reminder, by owning 5 tigers of different fur colour, you will receive the ‘lucky star status’. Our ‘Lucky Stars’ will receive 1 rare v2. By owning just 2 tigers of any fur colour, this will grant you 1 random TigerChi v2 NFT (of ordinary rarity).


Number of 5 Tiger LuckyStar reached 30!

We now have 30 members of the TigerFam who possess tigers of 5 different colors (orange, pink, grey, slate, white) and become Lucky Stars. They are accel, Algo_Learner, Algojulez, Bjenk, Cottoncandy, ewokabacca, Johnny California, Kapper, LRoc, moh, Naffy.Ni, ooo MooN ooo, Pistol_Moonshot, rob.algo, ryanmcdonaldusa, Steve, thᕫcminhmy, TooSense, Weibaobao, WrinklyCat, Bjenk, Gurj, jchambo7, Bull Bullicheck, Matthew, AlgoCHAMP Kev, CryptoPav, Algojunkie, Kydaragmi, Kzulu.

These special members gain access to an exclusive discord channel where they can help grow the project. Some exclusive privileges will be given to these special members in the upcoming months. More details will be released soon.

We have a new community manager!

We are extremely honoured to have @ooo M00N ooo as our new community manager!

Moon has been an amazing member to our community and has been helping onboard new members and maintaining the harmony of the community all the time. These are exactly the great traits we are looking for as a community manager and we are super excited that Moon has accepted the role officially and will help drive the growth of our community moving forward.


Community vote on Tiger protection project

This month, we put up a vote for our community on which projects we would like to support first to protect wild tigers. Our members expressed the wish to focus on the younger generation, and educate them on protecting wild tigers, which is vital for their own awareness as well as tigers’ future in the wild. We were told by Tigers4ever, our monthly donation can help provide more than 50 packs of educational booklets.

We support our member for better content creation

Our respected member @AlgoDaddyBlog announced his decision to raise funds for improving his blog and we are very happy to support him. We appreciate his contribution to Algorand Ecosystem and we donated 200A to his donation jar. Please join us support him

Https: //algodaddy.blogspot.com/p/tip-jar.html

A new milestone for 1circle

We reached 200+1 articles! No matter if we are in a bear or bull market, we always maintain a better mentality and consistently update the Web. Behind the scenes, our team has been consistently searching for articles, translating articles, editing articles, inspecting articles, monitoring the Web etc. Everyone cooperates with each other very well showing great teamwork!

【Member in the spotlight】

  • Hua Mu Jiang (@hmjlondon)

Having Hua on the team makes a huge difference. She has delivered some outstanding works for the community. She created a beautiful Algorand Ecosystem Overview, Algorand Ecosystem Overview twitter banner, event poster, etc and continues to do great work. She also is a lead person of instagram and is always there to help whenever the community needs it.

We are grateful to have her in our team and thanks for her hard work and efforts.

【A little birdie told me】

  • We will organise another big event in our Tigerchi Kingdom in Metaverse with a few partner NFT projects
  • We are also working with a donation platform to open up more fundraising opportunities for Tigers4ever
  • We are actively working with Gaming project partners to offer more holder exclusive benefits
  • We are onboarding a DAO of a Top Chinese university to Algorand, and the DAO’s network and influence will bring us more developers and young pioneers
  • If you are going to Consensus 2022 in June, make sure you check out the AlgoRanch party, we have some nice swag for you to grab!;)

Wow, this is definitely a TL;DR article. If you are reading towards this very end, that means you truly care about the project. Big thank you to our readers and we appreciate your support! ❤



Tian T

Founder of 1circle, Chinese community on Algorand. Project lead for TigerChi NFT project