TigerChi in the know — Nov/Dec newsletter

Tian T
7 min readDec 19, 2022


Dear fam,

As we all know, the past few weeks following the FTX collapse in November have been a super tough time for the whole crypto/web3 community. The market sentiment has never been so low and many projects claimed bankruptcy and the aftermath is still on-going. At this critical moment, TigerChi stands firmly by our members and we will keep building and delivering. Let’s take a look at what we have been doing in November and December.


First of all, let’s share some really positive news! Our dev Jupiter (@Jupiterxiaoyu) won 3 Greenhouse Hackathon contests in a row as below:

  • ARC70 standard for GreenHouse Hack_01
  • Algorand NFT Similarity Service
  • NFT Tickets System

This is a big contribution to the whole Algorand NFT ecosystem. Huge congratulations to him! Original link: https://twitter.com/DevGreenhouse/status/1569404928954613766?s=20&t=r3EL99pGFcr5OwPU_-xvZg



  • A wonderful journey at Algorand Decipher 2022 in Dubai

Decipher 2022 is the second annual gathering of the builders, founders, investors, and strategists deciphering the future of Algorand. Tian and Weibaobao traveled all the way from the UK to Dubai for this great event. In the intensive two days schedule, we experienced a lot at Decipher:

There are so many things to take away from Decipher 2022. We were so thankful to meet up with many the project leaders, key investors, builders and community members etc. This wonderful gathering made the Algorand community closer, stronger, and bigger.

  • THUBA and Algorand Series: NFTs at Algorand

As part of an Algorand talk series, Tian was invited to give a talk to Chinese students about starting your own NFT project on Algorand and how to operate a community.

  • Speaker Panel At Blockchain Forum Italia

Tian joined 3 others guests at Blockchain Forum Italia to speak about the future of NFTs

  • MasterZ — Blockchain Education Program

MasterZ is an Italy based blockchain education program that provides state of the art blockchain knowledge to students and young professionals in Italy, the Middle East and India. Tian is invited to give a 2 hour lecture to 500 participants introducing Algorand NFT ecosystem and shared experiences from starting a project and community management. The lecture was very well received and many questions were asked during and after the session. We think this is a great way to raise awareness of Algorand and its thriving NFT ecosystem. Hopefully we see more young professionals and projects joining us.

Earlier in October, Tian on behalf of TigerChi joined another podcast:

  • Using NFTs for Charity

This is an interesting session regarding an NFT use case for charity fundraising. Here is the link to the podcast recording: https://tldr.earth/podcasts/

  • Women in Web3 Talk

Since early last year, web3 is the hottest buzzword taking over the tech space. Tian was invited to a ‘fireside chat’ hosted by UK Chinese Women Connect (UKCWC). She joined with two other excellent female leaders from Algorand ecosystem and they talked about why they ventured into web3, crypto, Defi, blockchain and metaverse. They also explained how their passion helps them evolve new ideas.

The conversation generated a lot of questions from the audience and we offered free mints of Apprentice TigerChi NFT to a few lucky engaging attendees.

【Community event】

  • Halloween Special Weekly Challenge

We have successfully completed the Halloween theme event. Our fam wrote some innovative stories on how to train your tiger with a pumpkin, carved tiger traited pumpkins and shared spooky photos. The TigerChi fam not only enjoyed our Halloween festival but also won some prizes for participating in this fun challenge.

  • World Cup Challenge for Algofam

We ran two exciting challenges during WorldCup 2022, FIFA WORLD CUP™ BRACKET CHALLENGE and MATCH PREDICTION. For both challenges, we have about 100 participants. Some demonstrated amazing prediction skills! We have great prizes for the winners. With Argentina being the champion, we rewarded the Argentina team holders with CHI token as well as ALGO tokens.

  • Algo United FC Challenge — Bringing Unitility To The World Cup

We collaborated with 3 projects (Goanna, PoppinPuffins & Algo Squirrels) that released a WorldCup 2022 collection. Our aim is to bring the Algofam together through this difficult time and share loads of football fun with the community. We came up with 3 missions in this “Algo United FC Challenge’’. If you complete any of the missions, you will have the chance to enter the huge prize pool to earn 5000A plus Algo, token and NFTs prizes!

So far we have 87 entries as of today and our community engagement is very high. Thanks for the amazing engagement and participation!


  • Partnership With Algo Foundry for a three moduled developer program

We are pleased to partner with Algo Foundry to provide developers a wonderful chance to develop their technical skill on Algorand. This program included Fundamentals course, Developer course and Specialist course.

  • Great collaboration with Collab Centre

We partnered with Collab Centre (@centre_collab) for a crosschain mint campaign. They have created an amazing video to introduce our Football Tigers collection to everyone. Thank you very much for creating awesome visuals and videos for us! Video link: https://twitter.com/tigerchiclub/status/1592892757378334721?s=46&t=4B-YDwoDZQxDrPV-T3L62Q


  • Football TigerChi launched on 10th November 2022

In celebration of FIFA World Cup 2022, we launched Football TigerChi, a collection of 2022 generative NFTs, with hand-drawn traits. The new character design is cool and refreshing and we have members forming various stylish teams with the tigers.


Another new milestone is here. Our $CHI (Asset ID:864699877) token is live. We had done lots of hard work behind the scenes for this successful launch. We have a designated coin distribution plan for all collections of TigerChi NFTs. Please find out more details in our discord. Asset Link: https://www.randgallery.com/algo-collection/?address=864699877

【A Little Birdie Told Me】

Our dev is busy working on some web-based games for our project.

We are in talk with a game dev about creating a discord based gaming bot for our community.



Tian T

Founder of 1circle, Chinese community on Algorand. Project lead for TigerChi NFT project