TigerChi joins the World’s First Lantern Festival Celebration in Metaverse

Tian T
4 min readFeb 9, 2022

The future is now, Metaverse is here!

TigerChi is partnered with xSpaces, an Australian-based, metaverse service provider company, to present a unique Lantern Festival Celebration to the global Chinese community, and TigerChi community.

In every festive season, reunion and celebration are the eternal sentiments in the hearts of human being. This kind of joyful gathering becomes very precious, especially during the COVID19 period. For the Lantern Festival in 2022, we will do something special, getting cool avatars ready and entering the metaverse for a virtual celebration.

One can chat with friends from any country in the world, and watch the show together as if you were there. Oh yes, don’t forget we have a magnificent firework show too! No matter where you are and where you are from, you can enjoy the event just from the palm of your hand.

This is the charm of the Metaverse.

Live event: Feb 15th, 08:00am-20:00pm (Beijing Time)

Time: Feb 15–20th, Metaverse, the venues will still be accessible during these dates

Where: xSpaces platform, please visit xSpaces.io to download the App

Devices supported: xSpaces is compatible with all kinds of mainstream devices on the market, ranging from VR/MR devices, Mobile phones, and PC/laptops.

For a full list, please visit: https://www.xspaces.io/app-download

Main venue: Celebration Hall

Branch venues: VIP wine lounge, Art gallery, Photography exhibition, Fortune forum and Conference centre.

What’s in the xSpaces metaverse?

Celebration party with greetings from overseas Chinese organizations and associations from all over the world. These include Australia ABC World, Australia China Entrepreneurs Club, Global CSR Foundation, Association Pour le Developpement de la Nouvelle Route de la Soie (ADNRS), and Association pour le Développement d’Echanges Educatifs entre la France et la Chine(Adéé) to name a few.

Art gallery and photography exhibition. As you scroll in the metaverse venue, you can enjoy the amazing artworks and photos from Chinese community. There will be a personal gallery from the founder of 1circle community and TigerChi project lead- Tian. Tian is a keen amateur photographer and is excited to share her photos, which were taken all around the world.

Maze treasure hunt. What is it? What kind of treasure will there be? We are waiting for you to discover.

During the event, we also invited important guests from various fields around the world to give us the best New Year’s greetings.

Finally, we have something exciting to share with you!

The TigerChi team has been appointed as the only NFT issuer for this special event. We will launch a set of 5, TigerChi special editions for the Lantern Festival Celebration. Only 2022 pieces, with a total of 5 different designs. The launch will take place on the Algorand protocol. Those who participate in the event will be eligible collect one of our TigerChi, special edition, NFTs, minted for the event on a first come first serve basis. Our TigerChi NFT holders will get extra according to how many TigerChi NFTs one already has. More details will follow shortly on how and where to collect.

Plus, TigerChi holders will get an invite code to have early access to this event!

Does this sound like a unique and wonderful experience? Then you should come along and join us!

Website: https://tigerchi.club/

Discord: https://discord.gg/FtgMYvRMqd

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TigerChiClub


About xSpaces

xSpaces is an Australian-based company, with a focus on a multi-user interactive XR platform, that provides access into the metaverse. The xSpaces connects people in a 3D, virtual shared space, that enriches education, training and business needs, within the metaverse.

Website: www.xSpaces.io

About TigerChi

Tiger Chi is a collection of 888 uniquely minted tiger NFT’s, from the very first Chinese artist on Algorand, to celebrate the Year of the Tiger. The project is initiated by 1circle, Chinese community of Algorand, which is an Algorand Foundation Grant awardee. TigerChi introduced the first Chinese artist Yangyang to the Algorand ecosystem and our goal is to raise people’s awareness of environmental and animal protection.

Website: https://tigerchi.club/



Tian T

Founder of 1circle, Chinese community on Algorand. Project lead for TigerChi NFT project