Today is the day of the year that I have to say something. In the past few years, I have basically lost track of birthdays, selective amnesia of my own age, and basically become a laid-back middle-aged mother. But this time, it’s different, I have found the goal of life again.

The pandemic has greatly changed my life. I began to pay attention to investment and market trends, so I set my sights on the blockchain. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t gamble and play shitcoins and I don’t play contract, leverage either. I am purely fascinated with the crypto world that’s unfolding in front of me. I seem to sense something similar to the early days of the Internet.

I am seeing many people with dreams working together to beautify it, and I am seeing a world of equality and mutual assistance.

I often feel regretted that when the Internet economy was just emerging, I chose to go abroad and entered the energy industry.. With a background in IT, it was such a shame that I missed the Mobile-first golden decade…

However, if you cry to miss the sun, you will also lose the stars.

The future is here, and I don’t want to miss the excitement brought by blockchain technology again. So finally I decided to start a new adventure – 1circle, a warm and inspiring Algorand blockchain community, to share knowledge, to contribute to web3. 0, and to explore the unknown Metaverse together.

Be part of the journey.

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Tian T

Founder of 1circle, Chinese community on Algorand. Project lead for TigerChi NFT project