TigerChi In The Know — Aug/Sept Newsletter

Tian T
7 min readOct 6, 2022

Dear fam,

We want to keep you updated on what’s going on in our community in case you missed anything. August/Sept have been busy and productive for us because we tapped into a few NFT collab events, as well as cross chain events. We’re excited to report they were all successful. Let’s recap!


First and foremost, we reorganised our core team to better serve the community. We have a few members joining our stellar team. We truly appreciate their interest and commitment.

In the next few weeks, we will bring you more dynamic team events and TigerChi promotions to further enhance our branding. Stay tuned!

Community Operation team:

Chicatt (@ttiiaann): Project lead in charge of project management, artist communication and general marketing/partnership etc

Weibaobao(@weibaobao2030): Operation lead in charge of day to day operation of TigerChi community

BurntBiscuits (@concisecactus): Growth lead in charge of collaboration in the ecosystem and cross chain

Community Management team:

PistolPete (@PistolMack)covering both Discord and Twitter for great engagement

Elmacaco (@ElArmenioDeFi)supporting Weibaobao and managing member relationships

APT2674 covering mainly discord and project relationships

Faction leadership team:

Shaolin:Shaggy_Bigfoot & gerozaza

Wudang: akpanama06 & catablogger

Emei:Johnny.Algo & Ⱥirpyro

Huashan:Vandit & daddydila.algo

Wudu: ALGOPARD & dennis

TigerChi Ambassador team:

Heigero (@heisgero)

Smallgod (@khutegod)

Ⱥirpyro (@airpyro7)

You might notice that Moon (@MoonvsWolf_) is no longer acting as Community Manager because he has other commitments and is in stealth mode, planning something amazing! He gets our full support to move on with his venture, and we appreciate him for what he has done for the community. Huge thanks to him! He will still hang around with us and hopefully we will hear great news from him soon!:)

【Member in the spotlight】

@Shaggy_Bigfoot & @goodvibesalgo

A fantastic Song (Shaolin Shuffle Music) Made by our Tiger loyal fam

We are super excited to share with you the music made by Shaggybigfoot (@Shaggy_Bigfoot) in collaboration with goodvibes (@goodvibesalgo). A great song for the shaolin faction full of creativity and fun! It is a huge morale boost! Thank you Shaolin warriors! You guys rock!!

Watch here


  • The Power Of Three Campaign

We teamed up with Aegir Tactics (@aegirtactics) and Cosmic Champs (@CosmicChamps) to bring #algofam an awesome event. This challenge provided #algofam 24 hours to explore three spectacular projects from their discord, website and whitepaper. This culminated with a daily quiz and entry in the lucky draw.

  • 3 Week Trading Competition For V2 Holders In Sept

We collaborated with Algorand ecosystem partners (Folks, Headline, Algomint, Zone, AlgoDao and Carbon Credit Technology) to award the best trader in the community. Thanks to these amazing Algorand ecosystem projects that keep grinding in difficult market conditions. We had 5 representatives from each Wushu faction participate in this amazing challenge. They are dennis (@dsp111), apt2674, Ⱥirpyro (@airpyro7), Pistol_Moonshot (@PistolMack) & UchihaTyr(@crypto_kent). Ⱥirpyro won the top prize (500 Algo + 100 CCToken) for his thoughtful trading strategies and skills. All tokens in trading accounts went to each participant for their superb engagement.

  • Crosschain Poker Nights

The poker tournament has become the most popular event no matter which chain the community is on. We are honored to be invited to both Grouchy Tiger (@GrouchyTigers) and Stoned Tiger’s (@Stoned_Tigers)poker nights (along with a few other NFT communities). All our members had a blast and enjoyed wonderful prizes.

Follow and join us, so you don’t miss any future events.

  • Supporting Singapore Greenhouse Tech Talk

Singapore Greenhouse Tech Talk is designed for all developers that want to learn more about Algorand; whether you are new to Web3 and Algorand, or you’re ready to pitch your next big idea. We are excited to support this event by providing a special NFT for all the participants. Btw, we were proud to be showcased at the Token2049 lunch session with a few other amazing Algo NFT projects.

  • Color Your Tigers!

This event was so fun for the community. We saw a lot of talented artwork created by our enthusiastic fam. Members used all kinds of media: crayon, pencil, ink pen or digital apps. Our artist Yang Yang said he was inspired by these masterpieces.

  • Twitter AMA — How NFT Communities Help Give Real Wild Tigers A Wild Future

We collaborated with Grouchy Tigers (@GrouchyTigers) and Tigers4Ever (@Tigers4Ever2010) to run a Twitter AMA on 9th September. This provided insights and perspective on how TigerChi and Grouchy Tigers collectively help real wild tigers have a wild future. All the participants at this AMA had received amazing rewards such as a free POAP from Grouchy Tigers, and an Apprentice Tiger free mint from TigerChiClub.

  • Wushu week — #BetterTogether Campaign for Charity

We teamed up with Tiger Crane Kungfu from MA, USA (@Tiger_CraneKF) to kick off a Wushu week with 7 other projects and RaffleBandz. We raised 3300A to support the Cancer Support Community (@CancerSupportHQ). Those NFTs with their Wushu costumes in a banner are all custom made for this event. They are the fanciest and dopest designs, big thanks to:










Huge thanks to BurntBiscuits (@concisecactus) who made the connection between us and the kungfu school & charity.

Wushu videos link:




  • Wushu Challenge, Wushu Week and Real Fun

During the same week, we started a Wushu show challenge with our members, we received lots of creative poses and photos, well done fam!

  • Zone Game Competition

One of the weekly challenges was playing Zone’s Hoop Star game. Our TigerChi fam played hard and kept breaking their high scores. This was a fun and challenging competition that everyone enjoyed.


  • Partnership With Polynize To Launch An Innovative Mission For TigerChi Fam

We partnered with Polynize (@polynize) to have an innovative game/strategy session.

Polynize is an online game uniting the brightest minds and the best brands, to solve the biggest problems.

This mission inspired us a lot and we put these thoughts together in the August newsletter. If you missed it, link is here for you to take a look.


  • August Donation To Tigers4Ever

We have sent August’s donation to Tigers4Ever. This will be used to get 24 sets of waterproof clothing for the anti-poaching patrollers protecting wild tigers.

  • September Donation To Tigers4Ever

We have sent September’s donation to Tigers4Ever. Email from the founder Corinne: “Please find attached the receipt for the September donation of £261.45 which will be used to get 15+ warm jackets for the anti-poaching patrollers protecting wild tigers. We will also use the October donation for the patrolling equipment project too, in accordance with the wishes of the Tiger Chi community. I will also post a thank you message on Twitter about the donation today, too.”

  • Donation To Support Developers Continue Building

We appreciate devs who build during difficult times especially sole devs who keep grinding. We had donated 1000A to runvnc1 (@runvnc1) to help support his build on VRV shuffle and the https://algonfts.art/


To celebrate Algorand’s mainnet performance increase by 5x after the new upgrade (from 1200 transactions per second (tps) to 6000), we’re releasing a new version of the Algorand Ecosystem Landscape. 50+ newly active projects have been added onto it. This is a proud moment for Algorand supporters. Our team has worked on many late nights to keep up with changes. Here you just see a chart, but behind the scenes we have excel, webpages and a logo database to manage. Great job done everyone, we’re so proud of @hmjlondon, @AlgorandFacts, @ttiiaann & @weibaobao2030.

Original link is here

【A Little Birdie Told Me】

We are currently working on a raffle and staking site. As the site nears completion we’ll draw up a token launch plan.

We are creating a special football collection for WorldCup and if you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to let us know!



Tian T

Founder of 1circle, Chinese community on Algorand. Project lead for TigerChi NFT project